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Why Traditional Marketing Methods are Relevant to a Digital Strategy


The digital age has brought micro-specific targeting options that allow your ads to only be displayed to potential customers that match your target audience. But, a great marketing strategy diversifies it’s marketing channels. Supplementing your digital marketing plan with traditional marketing strategies expands your target audiences to those who may not have known they experience the problem your business is solving.

Whether you’re just starting to build a marketing plan for your business, or you’re looking to make an impactful change to your strategy, don’t forget traditional marketing strategies still make a major impact.

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

Let’s face it, if your company doesn’t have a digital marketing strategy, you’re falling behind on the times and are more than likely being passed by companies that do. However, traditional marketing is still a great way to reach demographics you wouldn’t easily find online. 

When we’re comparing traditional marketing strategies and digital marketing strategies, the easiest way to separate the two categories is: digital marketing is online, and traditional marketing is almost everything else. Digital marketing uses the internet to distribute ads, send emails, create social media accounts, and more while traditional marketing examples are focused on ads that you interact with offline. 

Digital Marketing Examples:

✔️Social Media Marketing




Traditional Marketing Examples:



✔️Radio Advertising

Why Traditional Marketing Methods Help Digital Campaigns

Digital marketing strategies tend to target hyper-specific audiences. PPC and SEO are all keyword dependent and social ads are more effective when the ads have a specific target. This is great when you have personas that are actively looking for your product, but what about the untapped market of customers that don’t even know they have the problem that your company solves? By combining both traditional and digital marketing methods, you get the best of targeted marketing tactics (digital) and widening the target audience you’re searching after (traditional). 

Instagram might be the fastest growing social media platform, but only 31% of adults over 50 use it. Depending on the market you’re after, you could be missing out on a large demographic with spending power. Instead of putting money into social media ads to reach the 50+ crowd, try billboards that send people to your website, then implement retargeted display ads to get back in front of them while they browse the web. Who knows, that billboard could have just sparked interest in someone who would never have shown up in your online targeting.

Not only do traditional marketing methods generate new customers, but they also allow you to grow your brand awareness. The more people are aware of your brand, the more likely they will look to your company to solve their problem.

The Challenges of Utilizing Traditional and Digital Marketing

Highly-effective marketing strategies use both traditional and digital marketing in the same ecosystem, not as two separate roads. When looking at a traditional customer journey of awareness, consideration, and decision it’s important to note how you want to bring your customers into your pipeline.

Traditional marketing excels when used in the awareness stage. Billboards, radio ads, and commercials are great ways to get a large audience introduced to your company. By setting up automated digital marketing ads, you can maximize your marketing effectiveness.

Not sure how to blend traditional and digital marketing for your business? Outsourcing your marketing to a capable team like Big Vision may be the solution.