Omni Fight Club

Fully managing the Omni Fight Club franchise's customer experience has scaled it from a small, upstart kickboxing concept to a growing partnership with LA Fitness.

Celebrating the perseverance, diversity, and inclusiveness of a fitness community. That’s the idea behind We Prevail. The campaign focuses on what sets OFC apart—the camaraderie of its studios and signature “we’re all in this together” atmosphere that’s palpable during a workout.

Every time a customer is seen carrying a branded water bottle or wearing a shirt with OFC’s logo, it helps spread brand awareness organically. Our dedicated OFC team acts as OFC's agency of record, creating everything from unique branded assets to membership-driving campaigns that help OFC reach more potential members.

OFC has a deep focus on community, and that passion needed to come through in all of the imagery and messaging for the brand. It was important that this community remain close-knit, even as the brand continued to add new studio locations and forge new partnerships.

The rebrand earned OFC a major growth opportunity: a partnership with LA Fitness. The kickboxing franchise’s branding and website caught the eye of the national gym chain, and in 2019 Big Vision helped OFC open independent fitness kickboxing studios inside five Seattle-area LA Fitness locations.

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The We Prevail campaign provides a rallying cry for members, and strengthens brand loyalty.

Big Vision and Omni Fight Club (OFC) were introduced in 2017 during a trade show. A fitness franchise startup in the San Francisco Bay Area, OFC’s unique kickboxing studios were continuing to pop up along the West Coast as they attracted new franchise owners. They needed a brand and new website built from scratch, and a mutual acquaintance (and a previous fitness technology client at the time) knew that Big Vision was the best partner to ally with. It was also crucial that this new brand be easy for current and future franchise owners to execute—without needing to constantly go through a middleman. How could they keep the OFC brand consistent regardless of zip code? What even was the OFC brand?

Buffing Up Brand Identity

If OFC’s creative work can’t make weight, it’s not fit for the ring. Photography is one of the most important pieces of the brand’s visual identity. On-location shots and studio shots are used to tell stories and convey the OFC experience.

OFC gets into the ring with members and uses photography to turn them into champions. Training photography focuses on real people working really hard, showcasing the atmosphere and attitude that OFC embodies within its club environment. It highlights the hard work, effort, and community that the kickboxing studio franchise is known for.

A primetime photo style was developed for use in marketing materials such as posters, banners, or web ads. These photos feature dark backgrounds, dynamic lighting, and full subject focus. Primetime shots look like the Nike of cardio-kickboxing. They’re hero shots that let the viewer imagine themselves in the scene, becoming the hero themselves.

Video helps bring the OFC brand to life. We employ a cinematic style that showcases the feelings behind what we offer, instead of simply talking in sales points. Their videos tell stories. They get you hyped up and ready to rumble. They sell the feeling of OFC, not the features. They can be slow-burn tales of perseverance or fast-paced action films.

The One-Two Punch: Comprehensive Brand Operations

As the corporate marketing department for OFC, we have the opportunity to craft every brand touchpoint to ensure consistency and excellence across the board. From supporting franchise owners with scalable and easy-to-use campaign kits and marketing guides to deploying ad campaigns that drive awareness in the OFC community and new franchisee interest, we do it all. In addition to executing the brand, we administer the marketing fund, support new location launches, and the brand’s ownership leans on one our Partners as acting CMO for the brand to consult on high-level business and investment strategy. To approach this, we segment their brand into three work streams: B2B, B2C, and B2F.

B2B — Franchise Sales

This involves launching and managing tailored marketing funnels to help create new leads and attract new franchise owners to open their own studios.

B2C — National and Regional Branding

Staying in communication with both current and potential members keeps OFC’s base engaged, generates revenue, and spreads word about the kickboxing brand. These touchpoints cover a broad scope of channels, from social media, targeted ads, and email newsletters to online banners and radio ads. We also continuously create new lines of branded assets like t-shirts, water bottles, and gym bags that help OFC organically reach new members.

B2F — Franchisee Marketing Support

Quarterly templated campaign kits, tailored by the Big Vision team, can be implemented by franchisees with little to no oversight, helping each individual location grow and maintain their membership base. Think email marketing packages, flash sale campaign kits, and seasonal promotions that are focused on retaining current members, attracting prospects, and growing overall brand awareness.

OFC's new look earned them a major growth opportunity: a partnership with LA Fitness. The kickboxing franchise’s branding and website caught the eye of the national gym chain, and in 2019 Big Vision helped OFC open independent fitness kickboxing studios inside five Seattle-area LA Fitness locations. What goals do you need to put some muscle into? Fill out the form below or call Alyse so we can come alongside your big vision.

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