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We’re Better Together

Better Together

Like pineapple on pizza?

Have you noticed that things look different around here? That’s because we’ve refreshed our brand—we’re talking new website, new visual identity, new team members, and even a new swanky office.

We’re launching a blog series to walk you through what’s new with Big Vision. Last week we talked about our shift from a creative agency to a brand solutions company. In this second installment, we sat down with Joe to talk about our Better Together brand refresh.

Do you remember what you were doing in 2014?

You might have thought you were a goner after Kim Kardashian threatened to break the Internet. Maybe you shed a tear as the doors closed on Sterling Cooper & Partners with the ending of AMC’s Mad Men. Or perhaps you stayed up way past your bedtime for the premiere of ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’.

During that same year, a new generation of Jedis opened their own agency doors. It was The Year of the Closet, when Big Vision was born and set up shop in a windowless, 800 sq. ft. space. in downtown Orlando.

Joe refused to move from this spot until all of the furniture was moved in.

New Digs, New Chapter

Thankfully, we have more space now. We’re getting settled into a new office again–our third. We’ve been bringing in new furniture, forgetting which way to turn once off the elevators, and beginning to recognize what each other’s footsteps sound like on the new floors.

It’s yet another new chapter for us. We’ve grown consistently over the past five years, jumping from a team of two people with the same last name to an office full of nearly two dozen of the most broadly talented, nicest people you could ever hope to be stuck in a room with. We’ve launched websites, built brands, and had some pretty intense ping pong tournaments.

That growth also includes our clients. We’ve had the pleasure of working with brands from all over the globe to help them meet their goals and find solutions to their challenges.

Every partnership provides a challenge and an opportunity for growth, whether that’s learning about new industries, leveling up in ones we’re proficient with, or trying a new strategy or approach. The challenging work our clients throw our way makes us better–and we like that.

Over the years it’s made us realize that we truly are Better Together.

Imagine Me and You, I Do.

Big Vision is a group of good, talented people who believe in better and want to work with brands who believe the same.

Better Together is the mindset that by partnering, we can go further. It’s about combining our passion and expertise with what you care about. Doing things we couldn’t do on our own. Being in a partnership where we’re both invested in each other’s success.

“Our goal is to sit on the same side of the table and figure out how we can both grow our businesses sustainably,” says Joe. “If we’re doing good work that’s making an impact, then you’re reaching your goals and achieving more than you could have without us. We’re also reaching our goals and achieving more than we could without you. I’m always looking to partner with brands where we can all find that long-term win-win partnership.”

Let’s face it. Our clients aren’t just paying for a fancy new logo or blog post and then calling it a day. They want a way to keep their brand sharp, competitive, and true to its values. We believe in partnerships, not just projects. Because the work we do matters. We care and invest ourselves in it so we want to see everyone,  us, our clients, and their customers, be better for it.

Tell your friends: We work with brands that need solutions to become better, make their own company better, and make the world around them better.

While the Kardashians have destroyed a lot of things, we’re grateful it wasn’t the internet. It’s been five killer years of working with brands we love. Thanks to all of you.

Want more? Grab your birthday hats—we’ll be sharing a recap from our Big Five Bash in our next post.