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Big Vision Turns 5

Big Vision Big Five Bash

Good people, birthday balloons, and a lot of cheese

Last month we celebrated our fifth lap around the sun with our Big Five Bash. It was a two-fold housewarming and birthday party, and we invited our clients and community to check out our new digs and celebrate our anniversary with us.

Bourbon and bacon cocktails and tiny desserts were consumed, paint got everywhere, cacti were taken home, and we all got new balloon profile pictures for Instagram.

Here are some highlights from the night:

For some reason, our guests kept asking for high fives at our photo area. Weird for a birthday party, right?


We set up a photo area filled with balloons and got some great shots–check out the Facebook album and tag yourself if you’re in it! We’ll refrain from any Pennywise jokes.

The story wall was probably one of our favorite interactive stations.

Writing Activity

We challenged our guests to channel their inner Tolkien and create a character, give them a defining characteristic, and put them in a scenario.

Our guests flexed their painting muscles during our Big Five Bash.

Tile Painting

Best way to decorate your office space with commissioned artwork? Throw a party and invite your guests to paint tiles for free. We’ll be turning this into something pretty cool soon.

We stuck it to our guests with some pretty sweet pins.

Find Your Match

We gave our guests dessert and encouraged them to talk to strangers. Once they walked through the door, they were handed a pin card and told to find the guest that had the matching design. Once found their match, we gave them these cool Better Together pins.

Cacti lined up waiting for guests to take them home at our Big Five Bash
Would it really be a Big Vision party if we didn’t give our guests a tiny cactus to take home?

This Party Succs

Hopefully our guests have more of a green thumb than we do. We sent them home with some signature B.V. cacti. Just don’t try to pet them.

Thank you to everyone who came out and celebrated our fifth birthday with us. It reminds us that we truly are better together, and the work we’ve done wouldn’t be the same without our BV family.

Does your brand have something it wants to celebrate? Or need an idea on how to get there? Reach out to us—we love any excuse for a good party.