Big Vision
A Brand Solutions Company

Big Vision: A Brand Solutions Company


A different approach to client work.

Have you noticed that things look different around here? That’s because we’ve refreshed our brand—we’re talking new website, new visual identity, new team members, and even a new swanky office.

We’re launching a blog series to walk you through what’s new with Big Vision. In this first installment, we sat down with Joe to talk about one of our biggest changes: the mentality switch from a creative agency to a brand solutions company.

The Dark Knight trilogy. Spider-Man: Homecoming. Literally any Star Wars movie that was not part of the Episodes I – III prequels. Sometimes, the reboot manages to trump its predecessor.

We underwent a remake of our own. We popped some popcorn, hushed stragglers who came in once we started, and took a critical look at the way we do business and what we’re all about.

Like any remake, we’re still playing true to our origin stories. We’re just changing the way that we tell it. That’s why we’re now a brand solutions company.

Big Vision is about partnering with brands to help solve problems and create solutions that move them towards their goals.

“For us, we’re very focused on listening and understand what your goals and challenges are, and then creating solutions to move you forward and get results,” says Joe. “As a brands solutions company we understand that your brand is all-encompassing. It’s not just a logo, it’s how people perceive what you’re doing as an organization. And that perception is formed by every single interaction and experience.”

It’s More Than Just You

Your brand has an impact on not just your customers, but your employees. It’s about how you recruit and how you retain the people on your team. It’s about how people outside of your customers and staff perceive you. It’s how regulators perceive you. It’s how partners and vendors perceive you and what you’re doing. In today’s always on digital world anyone can play a role in impacting your brand.

“For us, our goal is to provide a holistic view and approach to what we do for the brands that we partner with,” says Joe. “We don’t just create logos. We don’t just know websites. We work on building solutions that solve actual problems and help organizations move forward towards their goals.”

It takes being mindful and having expertise across all these areas for a solution that doesn’t just work, but makes a real impact.

It’s All About Partnership

We want you to be better. And we want you to want us to be better too.

We take a multi-partnership approach. We look for people who are experts in their industry and who want to collaborate with us as experts in building a brand.

A question that we get asked a lot by prospective new clients? Whether we’ve worked in their industry before. And while the answer is often yes, it’s sometimes no as well. And neither answer should matter.

Let’s be real.

We don’t need to know the nuances of medicine to work with a pharmaceutical company. We don’t need to know the proper form and technique for a workout to collaborate with a fitness brand—though we do some pretty serious pushup challenges at the office.

We know how to build brands comprehensively and holistically. We’ll stare deep into your eyes and take the role as the listener to understand your industry, how business works, and why you’re doing is important.

“Because we work in so many different industries, we have a broader perception of what tactics and strategies are out there,” says Joe. “If we see something that works in the fitness world that worked to capture people’s attention but hasn’t yet been done in the finance realm, we’ll bridge that over. This outside in perspective is one of the best values we bring to our client partners.”

The best part? Not only does it work, but it also positions your brand as an innovator in your space without risking much doing something new, that actually isn’t all that new.

A brand solutions company. It’s not new for us, it’s what we’ve been all along.

Want more? Next up we’ll dive into what Better Together means for Big Vision. Hint: It has something to do with sake and sushi.